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After Majic Wheels Corp. (OTC PINK: MJWL) new management, they have determined to enter a new market, Fintech and Software development. With this, they finally released their latest information showcasing their most recent achievements and their current intentions, letting us know what their company’s new vision is about.

Majic Wheels Corp. (OTC PINK: MJWL) a Delaware corporation operating as a acquisition and merger within the industries of Fintech and software development reported four major achievements:

  1. MJWL has declared to discontinue its efforts and intentions of  the company’s non-profitable waste management, cleanup and junk removal services business which belonged to the company’s prior management.
  2. MJWL has employed a certified public accountant (CPA) to act as a guide for the company’s structuring and restructuring needs.
  3. The MJWL’s board intends to grow the company within the industries of Fintech and Software Development. To which is why the company is currently in discussion and completing its last phase of progress and negotiations with a growing and revenue generating potential merger candidate. The company maintain the believe that this will bring great value to the company and its shareholders.
  4. MJWL has decided to be aggressive approaching expansion and grow acquisitions. The company is in good standings within the state of Delaware and the financials have been completed and will be submitted as soon as the company has access to OTCIQ.

Concurrently, Looking back at the rapid momentums back in 2020 and the growing acceptance of digital currency, MJWL believes that through the company’s ability to adapt, that there is no better time than now to engage within the digital assets space.

Alongside this the company is currently working on releasing a new website which serves to showcase MJWL’s new vision and direction for the company moving forward.

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