AI is reshaping the global economic landscape. Analysts project that by 2030, AI innovations could contribute over $15 trillion to the worldwide economy, surpassing the combined current economies of China and India. This immense potential has ignited a buzz on Wall Street. Numerous AI-focused stocks have thrived recently, delivering impressive investment yields. However, as with any market trend, there’s a blend of genuine prospects and mere hype.

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and mobile applications, Metatron Apps Inc. (OTC PINK:MRNJ) potentially stands as a beacon of innovation. This company, which has already left an indelible mark with over 1000 mobile apps, is leading a transformative shift in how businesses and individuals perceive and interact with AI. Let’s delve deeper into what makes Metatron Apps a potentially lucrative venture for traders and investors.

1. A Proven Legacy and an Exciting Future

Metatron’s reputation precedes itself with a plethora of apps that have clinched spots in Apple’s top 20 lifestyle category. The unveiling of ‘Stock Trendz’ reinforces its commitment to being ahead of the curve. This AI-powered tool, currently in beta, meticulously analyses the buzz around stocks on social media and discussion forums, offering invaluable insights to investors in almost real-time.

Beyond finance, Metatron’s portfolio is diverse. Whether it’s the innovative Text-to-Video service that morphs written narratives into captivating video content or the LegalEaze platform that demystifies jargon-laden legal terminologies, Metatron is cementing its space across sectors. Notably, the company is also delving into the entertainment realm with a unique mobile game focused on the burgeoning cannabis business, in collaboration with HempCoin THC blockchain.

2. Democratizing AI: The “AI For ALL” Initiative

Traditionally, AI has been a domain perceived as complex and exclusive. Metatron aims to shatter this notion with its “AI For ALL” initiative. By reimagining AI in a user-friendly format, eliminating traditional complexities, and slashing costs, Metatron makes AI accessible to businesses, freelancers, and creatives.

3. Cost-effective AI Solutions with Regular Updates

For just $24.99 a month, subscribers can leverage Metatron’s AI suite, a competitive offering considering it’s priced nearly 50% lower than many competitors. Features like AI-driven templates and prompts tailored for effective social media campaigns, along with compatibility across Apple and Android platforms, make it a compelling proposition. Moreover, with regular feature enhancements, users can be assured of a continually evolving experience.

4. Poised for Exponential Growth

The generative AI sector is on the cusp of a massive surge. As projected by Bloomberg Intelligence, this sector is expected to leap from $40 billion in 2022 to an astounding $1.3 trillion within the next decade. Such growth trajectories indicate the vast potential that Metatron is primed to tap into, especially as it might be the only public OTC company providing such a broad spectrum of AI services.

5. Strategic Partnerships for Expansion

Collaboration with MML Marketing, known for generating over $19 million in internet sales, further amplifies Metatron’s prospects. MML’s expertise, coupled with Metatron’s innovative AI solutions, could herald a new era of expansion and market penetration.

In summary Metatron Apps Inc doesnt seem to be not just another company in the AI space. It represents a paradigm shift in how AI is perceived, consumed, and integrated across sectors. For traders and investors, this company offers a unique blend of a proven track record and boundless potential, making it an enticing prospect to consider.

Metatron Partners with MML Marketing, Boasting a Proven Track Record of $19M in Sales

DOVER, DE / ACCESSWIRE / October 23, 2023 / Metatron Apps Inc., (OTC:MRNJ) cements its position in the competitive world of AI and mobile app development, reflecting a perfect amalgamation of technological sophistication and strategic financial planning. In collaboration with MML Marketing, celebrated for generating over $19 million in internet sales, Metatron is poised for an unprecedented expansion in offering elite AI services.

AI Made Easy

Metatron is spearheading the “AI For ALL” initiative, a transformative step towards the democratization of AI, making it accessible and affordable for everyone. We are committed to eliminating the complexities traditionally associated with AI, offering intuitive, user-friendly solutions. By lowering cost barriers and simplifying interfaces, Metatron aims to empower businesses of all sizes, freelancers, and innovators with AI’s unprecedented capabilities.

MML’s Decade of Excellence

With over a decade of experience, MML Marketing has carved a niche in generating millions in sales for SaaS and technology products. Their seasoned call centers and adept digital marketing teams embody a synergy of expertise and innovation, propelling businesses to unprecedented heights. MML’s proven track record is a testament to their capability to navigate the intricate landscape of technology sales, making them a coveted partner in the journey of business expansion and market penetration.

Affordable and Enhanced AI Services

At just $24.99 a month, Metatron offers an AI suite that is 50% less expensive than competitors, providing unlimited generative text and images without the caps imposed by other companies. Users benefit from new features, including preloaded AI templates and prompts tailored for efficient social media marketing. Accessible via both Apple and Android apps, Metatron ensures convenience and versatility, with new services and enhancements being added regularly to elevate the user experience.

Generative AI Sector’s Transformative Growth

Bloomberg Intelligence anticipates a significant upswing in the generative AI sector, from $40 billion in 2022 to $1.3 trillion within a decade, spurred by advancements in training infrastructure and diversification into specialized software and complex language inference devices. Metatron, aligning with MML Marketing, is distinctively positioned as potentially the only public OTC company offering a wide variety of operational and inventive AI services.

About Metatron Apps:

Metatron Apps is at the forefront of AI-driven solutions, offering an extensive platform laden with a suite of AI tools crafted to augment productivity, streamline processes, and ignite creativity. Our unwavering commitment to innovation ensures your enterprise is equipped with essential tools to thrive in the digital age.

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