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These med – device shares have advanced more than doubled over the past 90 days hitting new highs . These shares broke through their $2.25 double top and resistance level into BREAKOUT TERRITORY  hitting a 5 year high of $4.39. These shares are now in play with a powerful uptrend in place, we look for a move above the $7.00 level. We look for a $10.00  intermediate target .

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When a stock hits its all-time high, then it is perhaps time for investors to start looking into it a bit more seriously. The stock in question is that of the computer-controlled medical delivery company Milestone Scientific (NYSEAMERICAN:MLSS). The stock has been on a tear for much of the year and has managed to clock gains of as much as 100% in 2021.

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Recently, the stock rallied further and hits its all-time high of $4.85 a share. The latest rally in the stock may have come about due to a development a couple of days ago. Last week it emerged that the European Patent Officer awarded Milestone Scientific the Notice of Allowance with regards to one of its products.

The notice in question is related to the ultrasound-guided PNB (peripheral nerve block) treatment and now that it has been granted the notice, Milestone will be able to develop a device for that purpose. It is a major development for the company and the rally in the stock did not come as a surprise.

The president of Milestone Scientific, Arjan Haverhals stated that the development marks the crossing of an important hurdle for the company. On the other hand, he also pointed out that Milestone Scientific believes that the European market is attractive for its technology. 

However, there have been other important developments in recent times as well which have resulted in the continued rally in the Milestone Scientific stock. Back on February 23, the company announced that it has begun selling its CompuFloEpidural Instrument and associated disposable products to the University Hospital of Würzburg located in Germany. It is regarded as a significant breakthrough for the company’s CompuFlo technology and could open up new opportunities at other institutions.

Hence, it is only natural for such an announcement to bring about renewed optimism about a stock and it remains to be seen if these announcements can continue to propel the Milestone Scientific stock to new heights.

As it happens, earlier in March, the company announced that it starting selling its CatchCheck/CompuFlo disposable products to the Medical University of South Carolina. If Milestone Scientific continues to sign such deals then it is expected to continue to be in the good graces of investors.


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