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Minerco, Inc. (OTC: MINE) made headlines this week, in partnership with Anything Technologies Media, Inc. (OTC: EXMT), to host the world’s first “Shroom Zoom” yesterday on the potential health benefits of psilocybin and CBD. Dr. Sheba Roy, a cancer support specialist at the Associates of Integrative Medicine in Michigan, was one of the key attendees. It was also possible to watch the zoom session via CNN.

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“Dr. Roy hosts masters and doctoral-level counselors who treat trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, grief, and loss using a powerful combination of therapeutic counseling, nutrition and natural therapies.”

Both companies specialize in creating new potential opportunities for special communities with a high concentration on transformational healing. For example, last week Minerco prepared the launch of the Payment Gateway, a system for accepting purchases of cannabis and psilocybin with debit cards and blockchain.

There is green light for the launch of the SHRU currency on no fewer than seven exchanges: Bitcratic, ForkDelta, EtherDelta, Bamboolay, SwitchDex, SaturnDex and McAfee. The added value for Minerco is that with the entry of these stock exchanges – which together account for a tradable volume of $ 400,000,000 per day – a greater exposure to investments is realized. The next goal is to meet with various token developers in the first quarter of 2021 so that another 5 new exchanges can be included and the payment gateway gets released.

The gateway is important for further development of Minerco, as it allows dispensaries to accept debit card purchases for the psilocybin and cannabis. The aim is that this step will enable participation in the global market and that Minerco will become a leading niche player in the fintech industry.

Meanwhile, it has also been announced that “Magic Mushroom” is retaining the SEC registered company to assist with approval of the Jobs Act 2012 legislation, known as Regulation CF. At the beginning of November, the SEC increased the crowdfund limit to $5 million. Minerco plans to increase capital for accredited and non-accredited investors in January 2021. The new law allows one investor or several investors with a total input of $5 million. By bringing in non-dilutive debt, increasing its value, establishing a evident vision and setting actionable targeted goals, Minerco gives its shareholders more confidence for the new year.

Minerco has 4 main strategies focused on (raising) funds:

1) Acquire and Retire Toxic Debt to create a stronger and stable balance sheet.
2) Acquire equipment needed to produce 1m psilocybin tablets daily to be sold to wholesale purchasers in Oregon, Vermont, domestically and Jamaica, Amsterdam, Canada globally.
3) Establish cash collateral reserves for MINE’S blockchain gateway and token SHRU. This cash collateral will spring board SHRU token onto the top Exchanges worldwide.
4) Acquire and renovate properties for Production and lease in Oregon, Vermont, Jamaica.

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By Omar