There are plenty of biotech companies that are involved in developing treatments for cancer, and one of the more intriguing companies in this regard is Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc (OTCMKTS:NWBO). The company is involved in the development of customized immunotherapy products that are aimed to tackle cancers with more effectiveness than traditional treatments.

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More importantly, these products are without the toxic side effects of chemotherapy, and in addition to that, Northwest seeks to make its treatments cost-effective in North America as well as in Europe. It is also important to note that Northwest has also managed to DCVax® dendritic cell-based vaccines, and its main program consists of Phase 3 clinical trial for the same with 331 patients.

It is quite clear that the company is involved in a highly specialized industry, and due to recent developments, its stock has flown as well. In the month of May, the stock gained as much as 100%, and it goes without saying that it is likely to be in the radars of most investors in the early days of June. Moreover, the stock made a new 52-week high of  $0.42 on May26.

However, the continued rally in the stock will obviously depend on Phase 3 clinical trial of the DCVax-L product with regards to the treatment of glioblastoma. Glioblastoma is the most damaging form of brain cancer, and the Phase 3 trial for the company’s product is expected to come to an end soon.

The first part of the trial was supposed to end towards the end of May, and Northwest had stated that it expected to hit the primary endpoint during the phase. The top-line data from that part of the trial is going to be made available at some point this month or in July, and it is almost certain to be followed keenly by market watchers. The fact that the company believes that it is going to hit the primary endpoint is a massive development.

It should be noted that treatment for glioblastoma has been elusive for as long as 14 years, and investors have been waiting for a treatment to come along. It is an industry that could be worth billions, and hence, the anticipation with regards to Northwest’s top-line data is going to be at a fever pitch.

Those who are bullish about the product have pointed to the fact that the current treatments for glioblastoma, Optune, and temozolomide, can extend a patient’s life by a median of 19.6 months (when administered in combination) or 15.2 months (when treated with either of the two). However, clinical trials of DCVax-L in 2017 and then in 2018 has shown that the same figure stands at 23.1 months. However, nothing can be said with any certainty as of now, and investors should ideally review each case before deciding on their outlook on the stock.

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