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Northwest Biotherapeutics, Inc (OTCMKTS:NWBO) has emerged as one of the hottest stocks in the OTC markets in recent times owing to its success in developing cancer medicines. It was possible because of the key acquisition of Flaskworks and it seems that the market has taken notice of the progress made by Northwest as well.

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Progress and Strong Rally

The company had been working on medicines that could treat rare forms of cancer for many years. In the process, Northwest had also been burning considerable amounts of cash. However, things have taken a positive turn over the past six months. During that period, the Northwest stock rallied strongly as many as three times. The first instance was back in May and the other two came about last month. 

In addition to that, it is important to note that experts have stated that at this point the stock has displayed no downward trend at all. This is an important point to note and that becomes apparent when one looks at the gaining pattern in the Northwest stock chart.

Possibility of More Investors

Considering the strong performance from the Northwest stock over recent months, it could well see a heightened interest among investors. For instance, Relief Therapeutics has been a hot topic among investors due to its work on a vaccine candidate for COVID 19.

In the same way, the progress made by Northwest with regards to cancer medicines could see it turning into a hot topic in online searches as well as in internet investment forums.

It is often noticed that hot stocks in the OTC markets can often deliver manifold returns and hence, it could be worthwhile for investors to have some exposure to the market.

In that regard, Northwest Biotherapeutics could be a viable option for investors who are looking to invest in the OTC markets. It could be a worthwhile experimental investment for those looking for substantial returns in the OTC markets.

Things to Consider

The latest rally in the Northwest stock came about in the middle of September and it was triggered by a presentation made by the company’s Chief Executive Officer Linda Powers at the American Brain Tumor Association 2020 National Conference.

At the presentation, she announced that the company was ready to release the results of a 13-year long study into its product DCVAX. The product in question is meant to treat brain cancer. It was no surprise that the stock rallied and the buzz has sustained. 

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