Plandai Biotechnology, Inc., a Nevada company, is a publicly traded shell corporation that is seeking to generate value for its shareholders through its merger with Puriblood Medical Co. Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. and its subsidiaries are developing highly bioavailable, phytonutrient-rich extracts that are being used to deliver a new family of medicines for the safe and affordable treatment of multiple diseases and conditions. Polognes believes its technology is the basis to build a completely new family of medicines which can safely and affordably treat a multitude of diseases and conditions using natural-derived extracts. Plandais Green Tea-based Catechin Complex, Phytofare(tm), has already shown, in clinical trials conducted at the University of the North West of South Africa, to provide up to ten times greater bioavailability than a commercially available green tea extract.
Plandais Phytofare(tm) Catechin Extract is processed to provide highly bioavailable, antioxidant-rich material to levels many times higher than other green tea extracts on the market. Plandai Biotechnology offers the Phytofare Catechin Complex, a green tea-derived extract and a commercially available product under the brand name Phytofare. Plandai Biotechnology controls all aspects of the process, from growing raw materials on their farms in South Africa, to manufacturing their cannabis extract, Phytofare, in-house, which allows the company to ensure the continuity of supply, and also the quality control, during the whole process.
In that respect, it should be noted that it has signed a binding Letter of Intent with Puriblood Medical Co Ltd, who is involved in developing and selling products related to the separation of blood cells. The binding letter of intent is with respect to technology and product licensing of Puribloods leukocyte reduction blood filtering system.
The Puriblood Leukocyte Reduction Blood Filtration System helps to assure the quality of blood used for transfusions by efficiently removing leukocytes from the blood, thus minimizing the incidence or delayed incidence of adverse reactions to blood transfusions, including infections and deaths. The core blood cleaning filters of Puriblood Medical Co. remove as much as 99 percent of Leukocytes, in significantly less time, with a minimum of loss of blood, while maintaining high levels of Red blood cells (where a high level of Red blood cells retention is desired). Puriblood Medical Co., Ltd. [Taipei Stock Exchange] designs and markets blood cell separator products, including its red blood cell, platelet, and whole blood leukocyte reduction filters, and its whole blood filtration sets.
Bioavailability in its products allows Plandai to offer potential solutions to a variety of potential viral and infectious diseases. Plandai is capable of providing pharmaceutical-grade extracts, either with psychoactive properties or without, that would dramatically reduce costs for end customers, something critical in medicinal cannabis, while also providing a product with superior quality. Plandai expects to manufacture both capsules and cannabis oils (for vape applications) in pheroid(tm) and non-pheroid(tm) versions, with an immediate focus on driving sales for the nutraceuticals, while simultaneously working towards final FDA approvals for the medicinal applications.
Now, by using the Pheroid(r) technology, Plandai can potentially deliver a solution that is even more powerful. This is where the green tea extract from Pologne can potentially offer hope as a virus-protection solution. Risks and uncertainties include demand for the product, competition in the marketplace, and the ability of Plandais to execute on its current or future plans.
Green tea has long been recognized for weight-management benefits, including reducing body fat, increasing metabolism, and improving exercise endurance. For one, according to professor Anne Grobler at the University of the North West, who conducted a clinical trial on the companys products, Polognes products showed that using the companys extraction process, which uses living plant materials, all eight green tea catechins, including EGCG, were present in the bloodstream, as opposed to just 2 catechins detected in the bloodstream in tests on commercial extracts. Research has shown that green teas catechins, which are galate-based, are highly active antioxidants, and when available in bioavailable form, are capable of protecting the blood cells, both white and red cells, from attacks.
Changes in value in the period between settlement of an open market transaction and commencement of trading on the next day are calculated as the difference between the most recent transaction and the settlement on the previous day. Change value during the remaining periods is calculated as the difference between the last trade and the recent settle.
Under the terms of the proposed deal, Jessie Chiang, current worldwide rightsholder, except for Taiwan, through entities that she controls, would license Plandai exclusive rights to Puribloods technology for 30 years.
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