Investor sentiment is based on discussions and interactions between social media market participants regarding the stock market. Plug Power ($PLUG) has received very positive discussions over the past two weeks. On nine days, the mood barometer was green, negative discussions could not be recorded. Investors were largely neutral for a total of five days. Currently, the past one or two days has been mostly positive topics that investors are interested in. Based on this sentiment, the share is given a buy status. As a result, Plug Power is given a general buy status based on the investor sentiment barometer.

How shareholders responded this week

One of the soft factors in assessing a stock is the long-term observation of communication on the internet. From this point of view, the Plug Power share has presented the following picture in recent months: The intensity of the discussion, mainly evidenced by the frequency of oral contributions, has resulted in only weak activity on the internet. That is why Plug Power received a sales rating for this matter. The pace of mood swings shows a change for the negative, which corresponds to a sales rating. In general, Plug Power is therefore a sales value.

Numbers don’t lie, check the score board

The stock achieved a return of 419.03% last year. Compared to industrial stocks, Plug Power is 412.89% above average (6.14%). The median annual return for securities in the same electrical equipment industry is 8.12%. Plug Power is currently 410.9% above this value. Due to the overperformance, the stock is assessed at this level with a buy status.

The improvement point for Plug Power

Plug Power has grown by 160% in the last two years alone – and given a large number of forklift fuel cell orders – it should keep growing for now. The company’s problem is always turning that growth into a profit. In the past half a decade, revenues have increased, but the Plug Power is losing even more money than it did five years ago. And the gross margin is not improving either. Apart from that many investors still believe in the positive developments and market position of Plug Power.

About Plug Power, Inc.

Plug Power is a provider of alternative energy technology focused on the design, development, commercialization and manufacture of hydrogen fuel cell systems used for the industrial off-road market and the stationary power market. The Company’s product line includes GenKey, GenDrive, GenFuel, GenCare and ReliOn.

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By Omar