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Poverty Dignified Inc. (OTC: PVDG) was on the radar of several investors in the month of June. The start of the month started well when PVDG announced that it had implemented a binding letter of intent (LOI) for Virexit, a company specializing in the antimicrobial and antiviral sector. With the Binding Letter of Intent, Virexit – currently owned by Gear Guru – will become fully owned by PVDG at the end of the transaction. This puts the company in the business of all intellectual property, patented technology, trademarks, URL domains and large social media registrations. The idea behind the acquisition is to work with Virexit to find domestic and international partners to contribute to branding, marketing, manufacturing and sales.

Why Virexit?

Virexit is an international boutique agency that seeks to license intellectual property for antiviral products in the U.S. and international markets. It was founded by Gear Guru, owned by Patrick Netter, a recognized health and fitness innovator. Netter has launched several successful health products for decades. In addition, Netter has received a lot of media attention, as he was able to see at: CNN, The Washington Post, FOX, The New York Times, NBC etc. He knows how to draw attention to products and Virexit has to be another success. These are antiviral products that should influence the markets of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and India. That’s why Virexit is working on marketing strategies to promote disinfectant cleaners, sterilization systems and personal protective equipment. The focus is now on advertising and marketing. Results are an Amazon marketing strategy, digital and traditional media marketing strategy and expanding public relations.

Poverty Dignified Inc. breaks new ground

Poverty Dignified Inc. is a U.S. provider of conventional power intended for the power needs of households that earn below the modal income. The company was founded in September 2010. This is delivered directly to the home or through a retailer offering generators and other mobile power sources. Especially in rural and suburban areas the need for this form of energy is demonstrable. PVDG now wants to provide the antiviral products for the same population group, so that these people can be provided with all the basic necessities for a healthy and comfortable life, especially now at this time of the pandemic.

What do we see in july?

Today (Monday 6 July) the share has experienced an enormous increase. Where it opened at $0.0014 it is at the time of writing, 4 hours later, at $0.0022. This is an increase of over 55% per share. It seems to have stagnated since the beginning of the afternoon and now balances between $0.0018 and $0.0023 per share.

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By Omar