Poverty Dignified Inc (OTCMKTS:PVDG), which is soon going to be renamed as VirExit Technologies Inc, has seen its stock gain considerable momentum in recent times. The new momentum in the Poverty Dignified stock might have been triggered by the fact that it managed to sell its product ‘The Personal Protection Mask’ to the company Gymboree Play & Music. 

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The masks are meant to be used by employees of Gymboree and its guests. In addition to that, the masks have also been customized by Poverty Dignified with the Gymboree logo. 

Poverty Dignified is a company with diverse interests and currently, it is focused on launching the Safer Place Marketplace for hygiene and safety products for both consumers as well as businesses. At this point in time, the company is engaged in the sales of its full range of protective and antibacterial products to consumers and businesses. 

The Personal Protection Mask is such a product and the product helps in providing protection to the wearer against bacteria and viruses among others 99.9% of the time. The exact value of the deal with Gymboree was not revealed but the news about the sale seems to have created considerable interest among investors. 

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In this regard, it is also necessary to point out that Poverty Dignified has managed to come with a wide range of protective masks which are meant for different settings. The company produces masks that are specifically meant for families, gyms, schools, businesses, and for traveling. In addition to that, Poverty Dignified has also created a team of professional concierges, which is ready to take care of any demands from some of the clients. 

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While the announcement made this week was certainly an important one, it is also important to highlight another announcement that was made by Poverty Dignified last week. The company is now working on strengthening its upcoming online marketplace Safe Place Marketplace. On April 21, the company announced that it signed a partnership agreement with Onthemuv by way of which its MiniThread product is going to bring to the Safer Place Marketplace. 

MiniThread is a seated treadmill and allows anyone to have a full-body workout either at home or at their workplace. James C. Katzaroff, who is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Poverty Dignified, spoke about the development. He stated that in these times there is a need for people to exercises in a hygienic manner and the MiniThread is a product that can enable people in doing so.

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