Attention: Predictiv AI and Sigfox Canada are now Working Together on the ‘ThermalPass’

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Predictiv AI (TSX Venture $PAI.v – OTC $INOTF – Frankfurt: 71T) has reached an agreement with Sigfox Canada on a global partnership for the ThermalPass, the high-potential fever detection system that relies on thermal medical grade sensors. The agreement between both parties must realize a sales channel, distribution and technology integration around the ThermalPass.

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Why this agreement is essential

What makes the agreement so important is that Predictiv AI and Sigfox Canada will now work closely together to integrate the Sigfox connectivity into the ThermalPass. This means highly reliable data transfers at a much lower cost is achieved through the Sigfox Canada network, designed in such a way that it meets the requirements of mass IOT applications. ThermalPass can generate recurring monthly revenue through this enhanced achievability as it offers different business scenarios. Sigfox Canada will leverage its technology integration by promoting the ThermalPass to other Sigfox operators worldwide. These operators can currently be found in 72 different countries, making the Canadian company the global non-exclusive sales distributor of the ThermalPass.

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It is no surprise that Predictiv AI sees potential in a partnership with Sigfox Canada. The company is the exclusive licensee of the Sigfox 0G technology. Sigfox’s global 0G network has more than 16 million registered devices on the network that collectively communicate around 1 billion messages per month. Combining the technologies will greatly improve the performance around the ThermalPass. For those less familiar with the Sigfox 0G technology, below is a brief explanation of the technology system.

The Sigfox 0G technology in a nutshell

The Sigfox 0G network is intended to connect devices with low bandwidth, smaller batteries and a low bit rate over long distances. Simply put, it is about using radio frequencies to send small messages quickly over a long distance. The 0G network is easy to implement thanks to its low-cost, lightweight and energy efficient infrastructure. In addition, it is a practical complement to broadband networks to power simple IoT applications for functions such as asset tracking and conditions monitoring.

What will happen next

Both companies have indicated that they are pleased with the new partnership and that they will soon integrate the Sigfox 0G technology into the ThermalPass. They indicate that it is important, in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure the peace of mind of society. And that today this can largely be achieved through technology. Sigfox Canada says the ability to accurately record a person’s temperature and communicate that information in real time using the Sigfox Canada 0G Network is an important step in the new era of security.

A side note for those who follow the developments and share for a while, the partnership between Predictiv AI and Sigfox Canada will not influence the relationship with Makel Engineering, now that the commercial launch is only a matter of time. Makel works with big names such as NASA and other productive organizations, in pursuit of the highest global technical standards. Recent results of the ThermalPass performance tests have significantly increased the reliability and consistency of the fever detection system. It seems no business partner is planning to step out of this potential business in the near future.

“The Sigfox Canada sales and distribution channels increase ThermalPass’ revenue potential significantly, not only due their diverse and expansive customer base, but also because Sigfox connectivity technology positions ThermalPass to launch and expand its services and build a monthly recurring revenue model. We are very excited to partner with Sigfox Canada so we can provide a more robust and flexible fever detection device which will help more customers, around the world, combat the spread of coronavirus,” said Michael Lende, CEO of Predictiv AI.

Why the ThermalPass of Predictiv AI stands out

The ThermalPass is characterized with a procedure whereby people can simply and quickly walk through the fever detection system. No lasers or measuring equipment aimed at people when entering a public space, which can seem intimidating and is violating the social distance protocols. Lende also considers it important that no camera images are used, so the privacy of its users is guaranteed. At the moment, only a seal of approval from the technology experts is keeping the ThermalPass off the market.

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