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The exciting global protein therapeutics market is expected to reach a value of approximately $233 billion by 2027. One Massachusetts-based biotechnology company is using a physics rather than chemistry approach to make its mark and lay its claim to a portion of this rapidly growing sector.

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Not only does such an unconventional approach set the company apart from others competing in this very lucrative and important area, but it helps create and manufacture high-quality protein therapeutics at lower costs and higher quality,  according to the engineers and scientists at Pressure BioSciences Inc. (PBI) OTCQBPBIO. PBI’s patented technology makes use of the company’s unique and enabling BaroFold platform, which uses safe high pressure for the disaggregation and controlled refolding of proteins to their native structures at sustainable yields, something that is difficult, highly expensive, and time-consuming to effect using standard chemistry approaches.

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“To put it simply, the BaroFold process uses physics where traditional processes use chemistry, which often requires arduous procedures and difficult, time-consuming cleanups,” said Dr. Vera Gross, the company’s director of applications development. “With the BaroFold platform,  aggressive and toxic chemicals in the protein manufacturing process are replaced in whole, or in part, with high hydrostatic pressure. We believe this modification will result in a safer working environment, reduced manufacturing costs, and higher quality products. Most importantly, we believe the BaroFold process will enable some future drug candidates to actually get to market, that would not be able to get to market through any other process. Outside of the laboratory, this may have a significant real-world impact.”

Physics, Not Chemistry, For Best Protein Therapeutics

  • Protein-based biotherapeutics market is expected to reach $233 billion by 2027.
  • About half of all new therapeutics being developed are protein-based.
  • Issues arise in the manufacture of biotherapeutics.
  • Chemistry can fix some issues – but chemical methods are laborious, expensive, time-consuming, and do not always work.
  • Physics (use of controlled high pressure) has many advantages over chemical treatment: less costly, easier, more scalable, more reproducible.
  • PBI’s BaroFold patented technology platform is discussed in this article.
  • Pfizer (PFE) and Bristol Myers Squibb (BMY) are mentioned in the article.

Proteins have become the biological molecule of choice in therapeutic drug development because of their proven efficacy, minimal side effects, and high degree of specificity, PBI says. Major biopharmaceutical companies like Pfizer Inc. , Bristol Meyers Squibb are actively developing protein therapeutics..

Other companies in the Protein Therapeutics Market

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  • Amgen, Inc.
  • AstraZeneca PLC
  • Baxter International, Inc.
  • Biogen, Inc.
  • Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH
  • Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • Diasome Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  • Eli Lilly and Company
  • F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
  • Genentech, Inc.
  • Generex Biotechnology Corporation
  • GeneScience Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
  • Hualan Biological Engineering, Inc.
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd.
  • Merck Serono SA
  • Novo Nordisk A/S
  • Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Sandoz International GmbH
  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

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