Recently PSN conducted an exclusive interview with Reliant Holdings Inc. ($RELT) since it appears that the business shows a lot of potential in the real estate sector. We discussed the company’s vision, promising position of Reliant Pools and the future plans of the holding. Below you can read the most important findings from the interview, which can also be read entirely on our website.

Reliant Pools is the goldcrest

Reliant Holdings Inc. focuses in the Central Texas area on realizing the most reliable and quality real estate. With several acquisitions, the company is also a contractor for the creation of the most spectacular swimming pools and exceptional modifications to houses and buildings. Reliant Pools is regarded as the flagship company, with more than 40 years of combined construction experience, swimming pools are built that are not offered anywhere else in the area.

We’ll stick with Reliant Pools, which continues to grow rapidly every year. The company achieved record sales in 2019 and the customer base has grown further. It’s interesting that most new customers have been attracted through referrals from satisfied customers. Due to the increase and green figures, Reliant Pools is looking for new partnerships with the aim of further expanding or improving its core activities. The company is currently adding additional sales representatives and project managers to contribute the increasing growth of the pool division. With this expansion they also want to create other sources of income for the shareholders.

COVID-19 is a boost for the real estate sector

Reliant Holdings expects the modified housing division to continue to grow in the coming years. That’s why the ambition in the coming years is to look beyond Central Texas, where the dream is not to expand only regional, but also throughout other states. The business in 2020 is promising, since the COVID-19 outbreak the company has had an increasing demand for home modifications or the construction of swimming pools. People spend much more time in the house and therefore feel the need to improve the quality of the home and life. With this development, the growth potential is unprecedented and the ability to grow rapidly as a publicly traded company will contribute significantly to shareholder value.

Reliant Holdings informs us that with the number of rising applications this is reflected in the share. The company refers to the more than 40 years of experience, excellent track record and increasing capital that will be used to expand the business.

New press release shows confidence

Reliant Holdings announced today that, with the increasing revenues, its subsidiary Reliant Custom Homes Inc. will expand. The construction company focuses in particular on exceptional modifications for houses and buildings. By creating more relationships and looking for new opportunities in the market, the holding wants to show itself in more facets in the housing market of Central Texas and strengthen its dominant market position. Reliant Holdings added in a tweet that more information about this matter is following soon.

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By Omar