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One of the stocks to have been in the news in recent months is that of Relief Therapeutics (OTCMKTS:RLFTF) owing to the company’s work on a COVID 19 medicine. On Tuesday, the company, along with NeuroRx, made a significant announcement with regards to its COVID 19 medicine and that resulted in the Relief stock gaining some momentum. Hence, investors could consider taking a closer look at the details of the announcement made yesterday.

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The Announcement

On Tuesday, Relief Therapeutics announced the top-line results from the open-label study of 45 patients who had been treated with RLF-100™(aviptadil). All the patients who had been a part of the study had been suffering from severe respiratory troubles brought on by COVID 19.

In this regard, one of the most important revelations made by the company was that as many 81% of the patients had managed to survive for more than 60 days. By comparison, only 17% of the control patients managed to survive beyond the point.

It is a major development for the company and it was no surprise that the concerned executives seemed enthused with the results. The Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of NeuroRx Dr. Jonathan Javitt stated that the results showed that RLF 100 has given hope that it could help in tackling the coronavirus.

On the other hand, the chairman of the board at Relief Therapeutics, Raghuram Selvaraju spoke about the developments as well. He stated that encouraging data from the results is going to provide the company with the motivation to work towards the clinical development of RLF 100.

Collaboration with NeuroRx

One of the more important agreements signed by Relief Therapeutics in recent times has been the one with NeuroRx Inc. As per the provisions of the collaboration, the two companies have inked supply chain agreements and also placed an order for the substance that goes into making RLF 100.

The companies have ordered enough of the substance to ensure that as many as 1 million patients can be treated. It gives Relief and NeuroRx the ability to treat patients in the event of the pandemic continuing in the near future.

The two companies are now development partners with regards to RLF 100. In addition to that, they are also making plans for its commercialization efforts in the European Union and also in the United States. The Data Monitoring Committee is expected to provide a readout of the study in the coming three months.

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