The stock markets have started to recover somewhat from the turmoil that had been unleashed over the course of the past few weeks, and some stocks have started to emerge as interesting propositions for investors. One of the stocks that have come into focus in the markets today is Resgreen Group International Inc (OTCMKTS:RGGI), which has seen jumped by as much as 30% after the company made a major announcement.

Considering the sort of gains it has generated this morning, the Resgreen stock is likely going to be on the radars of many investors, and hence, it could be a good time to take a closer look at it.

Important News

Resgreen is at the forefront of cutting edge technology and develops Artificial Intelligence Robotics (AIRs), Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), and Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs). The company has highly talented engineering personnel as part of its team, and that has led to the accumulation of a lot of intellectual property.

This morning the company made a key announcement that has resulted in the rally. Resgreen revealed that it has joined forces with a sensor technology outfit and are going to make human presence sensors meant for the ultraviolet-C (UVC) Pull Buddy Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR).

The UVC Pull Buddy is equipped with UVC lights, and that allows it to get rid of harmful pathogens like COVID 19 from specific areas. However, UVC lights are harmful to humans, and hence, it is essential for the Pull Buddy AMR to be equipped with human presence sensors. It is a major development for Resgreen, and the Chief Executive Officer of the company Parsh Patel stated that the company is prioritizing the health of the workers.

Hence, it is looking to develop ‘the most accurate human detection sensor in the market.’ He went on to state that the integration of the human detection sensor to the AMR will make it a very potent product. It will then be an all in one product that can be used at a range of facilities starting from warehouses to plants.

Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic could also prove to be a blessing for robotics and for Resgreen in particular. ABI Research senior analyst Rian Witton stated that the coronavirus pandemic had shifted perceptions considerably with regards to the possibility of using robots for a variety of tasks. Hence, by the team, the pandemic ends, robots could become mainstream across a wide spectrum of markets and applications.

Hence, it could be a massive opportunity for Resgreen as well as the company tries to navigate a world in which its products could be in demand. The mobile robotics market could be worth as much as $23 billion by next year, and it could be worthwhile for investors to keep track of the Resgreen stock until then. 

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By Omar