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14th of June 2021. SAPX, A company with a long history in the production of movies and music, has announced Jason Black to be appointed as the new CEO of Seven Arts Entertainment Inc. With a goal to resurrect the company’s old self.

The previous management of SAPX was briefly named Wireless Connect, which used a different business model. However, this was later revoked back to its original business model. This is where Jason Black comes into play. He strives to restore the company to its former self, using his extensive experience with bringing companies back into shape.

Alongside Jason Black’s arrival, Thom Hazaert has been retained to assist and manage the Company’s subsidiary, Seven Arts Music. Mr. Hazaert has over 25 years of experience in all fields of the music industry. Jason Black later states: “I’m excited to have Thom on board with Seven Arts. His experience with music labels, A&R and artist management is precisely what we need to hit the ground running on developing the Company’s music library.”

Additionally, the current management is aiming to recover significant assets of the company and its subsidiaries, which they have initiated investigations through its legal counsel, that could increase shareholder value.

Later mentioned by CEO, Jason Black: “Cleaning up Seven Arts is going to be a considerable endeavour, but I believe it’s an effort worth tackling due to its legacy in film as well as the potential scale of assets and revenues that could still be due to the Company. We’ll be working diligently to resurrect the Company and its brand as quickly as possible.”

Moreover, the company is in negotiations with an Atlanta based production company as a potential new subsidiary. The companies are considering a move away from the standard theatrical releases to target working with a major streaming network with a significantpresence in the state of Georgia.

As last, the company has already begun its application submission to OTC Markets so that it will be prepared to submit fillings and return to current reporting status once its annual and quarterly fillings and completed. Management have said to continue informing shareholders of the progress throughout the next days and weeks to come.

SAPX is truly looking like a promising company. Regaining their former glory, recovering their assets, and looking for potential subsidiaries. This will certainly increase their reputation and especially their stock value. Which is why it’s important to not let the company go unnoticed and surely pay attention to the charts in the upcoming weeks and months.

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