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3 Cyber Stocks To Watch


$6.00 Target  – Buy Rating

 These cyber security shares hit a high of $2.98 last year before consolidating and forming a solid base near current levels . These shares broke above their 50 day M/A of $0.72 cents and now is about to break above the 200 day M/A of $1.07 as volume expands .

In a recent  Dawson James Research Report  , Jan 31 2022 – a buy rating with a $6.00 target price was issued. We look for a major BREAKOUT to take place and urge all serious investors to immediately place these shares on their BUY LIST.

5 Cyber Stocks To Buy Today  – Benzinga 


After a rough period, NASDAQ is recovering. Here are 3 stocks you should never miss! 
The last two months were hard for investors, especially those who invest in tech stocks on Nasdaq; this rough period is being recovered with steadfast investment in some stocks nobody wants to miss.

·        Nokia (NOK)  

Nokia (NOK) was the cell phone standard before Apple’s iPhone, and Alphabet’s Android transformed telephones into handheld web clients. The organizaEon, situated in Espoo, Finland, is a worldwide player that determines most of its income from correspondence specialist co-ops. As per examiners, Nokia is relied upon to acquire 41 pennies for each offer in 2022. Even though Tipranks has two examiners checking NOK stock, their average cost objecHve is 22% higher than where the stock is currently exchanging.
Implies that NOK stock is presently exchanging at mulHple Hmes forward profit.

·        Safe-T Group (SEFT) 

 Safe-T is a global cybersecurity and privacy soluHons supplier for individuals and businesses. The enterprise business secrecy soluHons are built on the fastest, most advanced, and most secure proxy network globally. Their network is the only one that includes millions of home exit points and hundreds of servers.
Because the short-term average is higher than the long-term average, the stock has a general buy signal, indicaHng a good outlook. If the stock rises, it will run into opposiHon from the short-term moving average at $0.81 in 2022.

·        Coinbase (COIN)   

Coinbase is creaHng the crypto-economy, making financial systems more fair, accessible, efficient, and transparent.

It began in 2012 with the daring idea that anybody, anywhere, should be able to send and receive Bitcoin securely. They now provide a much more secure and user-friendly plaOorm for accessing the broader crypto economy.

The stock has a broad buy signal, indicaHng a posiEve outlook because the short-term average is higher than the long-term average. If the store conHnues to advance, it will face resistance from the $0.81 short-term moving average

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