SFLMaven Corp (OTCMKTS:SFLM) has become one of the better-known names in the luxury goods industry and in recent times there have been some important developments with regards to its well-known eBay auctions.

SFLMaven provides high-end luxury goods in these auctions and in the eBay auction that ended on March 25, the company managed to record impressive sales. The company announced that its total sales amounted to as much as $240,000 which is quite close to a record.

In recent times, the company has regularly posted highly impressive figures from these auctions and the primary reason behind it is a new initiative from SFLMaven. The Famous Thursday Night Auction Event has been a driver of considerable sales in recent weeks.

In the week that ended on March 25, 2021, the Thursday night auction event managed to generate as much as $228,000 out of the total sales of $24,0000. This indicates that the initiative of setting up this event has proven to be an unqualified success.

Like in the previous weeks, the latest auction was again headlined by the sales of big-ticket items. One of the sales made in the auction included a Piaget Classic 8025m 24.50ct VS1/F Factory Diamond Men’s Watch which went for as much as $18,600.

The Chief Executive Officer of SFLMaven Joseph Ladin spoke about the company’s recent performance. He revealed that the impressive performance of the company is primarily driven by the fact that well-heeled consumers are prepared to continue to spend on acquiring premium luxury products.

He went on to state that the favorable environment in the capital markets could also be a reason behind the willingness of consumers to spend big on such luxury items. More importantly, Ladin went on to state that he believes that the sales figures are going to be on an upward trend as these luxury items are expected to drive strong sales.

Shares of the company jumped in the early morning session on Thursday.

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