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In recent times SFLMaven (OTCMKTS:SFLM) has emerged as one of the better-known operators in the ultra-luxury good space. The company is regarded as a leading provider of such goods and is currently best known for the auctions that it conducts on eBay.

Last week, the company announced the total sales that it generated from the eBay auction for the month of March and the numbers were impressive. The company announced that the auctions generated a total of $797,000 for the month of March, which reflects a rise of as much as 20% from the total sales made in March last year. It was also revealed that the sales figure was generated through the sale of 928 goods in total.

However, the main reason behind the strong sales growth for SFLMaven this year is the Famous Thursday Night Auction event. The majority of sales made by the company were generated through that event. In addition to that, it is interesting to note that the SFLMaven page on the eBay store got as many as 15 million impressions on its listings during the course of the month. Earlier this week, Joseph Ladin, the Chief Executive Officer of the company appeared in an interview for MoneyTV.

Later on, Ladin said that he was pleased to have participated in the interview on MoneyTV. He stated that he provided an update with regards to the sales results of SFLMaven and went on to discuss many recent events pertaining to the company.

The SFLMaven Corp stock has also recorded considerable gains in recent times on the back of the strong sales growth that has been generated by the company. In addition to that, the company has been quite transparent as well and has been publishing its sales figures on a week-to-week basis from the auctions. That has proven to be another factor behind the continued momentum in the stock.

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