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A stock that was trading at $19.80 on Dec 31,  2020 , one month later has traded as high as $483 . with a float of 69 million shares outstanding the shorts accounted for 71 million shares .

Robin Hood Securities amongst others have created a forum for small investors that has allowed the small investor to work in concert to take on both the professional trader community and hedge funds alike.

Massive Short Squeeze – Shares Soar On News – SIGL OTC

The small guy has traditionally been bait for the professional trading community to make billions, sometimes breaking the rules with no consequences .The dramatic surge in coordinated “small guy buying ”  forced the price of GME to soar putting professional traders ” shorters”  in great jeopardy..

Short Squeeze FNGR OTCQX Winning Trade Breakout Territory – Next Stop $18.00 – Should You BUY

To our knowledge , no hedge fund , brokerage firm , or trading operation has collapsed as would be expected in this type of debacle. It seems highly unusual that there is not more carnage.

What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander, RIGHT !

However it dosent seem to work that way.

Brokerage firms who refuse to hold their professional hedge fund clients to the short sale requirements should start to liquidate their positions  .There is a lot of money at stake on both sides .Regulators seem to side with the large institutions , banks and brokers. The little guy seldom wins in situations like this .

We have seen debacles like this before . Ruthless shorters, and their supporting brokerage and banking firms need to be taught a lesson . Lenders who lend more shares than a company has outstanding is just plain vanilla fraud,  putting the entire system at risk. Where are the regulators ?

If you can make money in a volatile stock that swings 50 pts a day, trades on news 1 minute old , and risk the regulator rigging the odds against you be my guest . If you are investing for your future , stay away . Fun to watch – impossible to play

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