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SINTX Technologies Inc. (OTC: SINT) claims to have study results showing that silicon nitride has antiviral properties against COVID-19. The virus is killed within minutes of exposure to silicon nitride.

About SINTX Technologies Inc.

SINTX Technologies is originally an original equipment ceramics company (OEM) with a concentration on silicon nitride. They are active in biomedical, aerospace, defense and transport. The company was founded in 1996 as ‘Amedica Corporation’ by a materials scientist and orthopedic surgeon who had the vision to develop advanced ceramics for use in the human body.

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In 2004, it obtained its first patent for the radiolucent spinal fusion cage. This was followed shortly after by the first FDA cleared silicon nitride device. In the following years (as of media 2008), the company implemented a lot of silicon nitride in a variety of products on American soil. Since 2010, this has grown into production in Europe, South Africa, Brazil and Australia. In 2018, the company has changed its name into SINTX Technologies Inc. with which it has established itself in both the medical and non-medical markets.

What is the relationship between silicon nitride and COVID-19?

Study results have shown that there is an effect between silicon nitride and the virus. The silicon nitride inactivates, which can reduce the risk of spreading viral diseases on surfaces. What we know about the virus is that it spreads between people when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The virus could survive on surfaces for a long period of time, which means that people who cough in the mask would expose the virus on a surface for a long period of time (some even say up to 7 days). SINTX believes that by incorporating silicon nitride into an mask, the virus is not only captured but also killed prematurely. In addition to masks, we can also think of products with a high contact such as: medical equipment, screens, handles and doorknobs.

SINTX wants to proceed rapidly

According to SINTX, the first results are encouraging. The antiviral data are consistent with the antibacterial properties of SINTX’s silicon nitride, and the previously reported efficacy against several single-stranded RNA viruses. Additional tests will be performed in external independent laboratories to confirm the efficacy of silicon nitride against COVID-19. The results with inactivation of COVID-19 are consistent with a previous study that demonstrated similar inactivation of other viruses, including influenza A and the enterovirus. They’ll be out soon with more information.

What this means for the share

Since opening today, the share has increased by +$0.68, going from $1.42 to $2.10. This is a percentage change of +47.89%. The fluctuations are visible and are probably based on the fact that more information will soon come out from independent laboratories focusing on the effect of silicon nitride on COVID-19.

The complete data and study can be viewed and downloaded on bioRxiv.

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