It was a good month for Ethema Health Corporation (OTCPINK: GRST) and with that also a hopeful end to a turbulent year that will go into the books as the year of the Covid-19. In late November, the company announced that it had signed a term sheet with Labrys Fund LP for a 12 percent loan valued at $275,000.00. This gives Ethema $239,050.00 net after original interest rebates, legal fees and brokerage fees. But this was by no means all of what was revealed this month.

One day after the term sheet was signed, Ethema received a conversion notification from Labrys. It involved a conversion of the original outstanding principal amount under the Note prior to a previous amendment requiring the company to repay a reduced principal amount of the Note in monthly cash installments. A great total of 91,421,457 shares were issued under this conversion.

The effects after Labrys were clearly visible

The company had a positive cash flow result from these events, which in three months amounted up to $325,000.00. In particular, the significant switch in the market and the new investment by Labrys showed that confidence in Ethema’s business had steadily increased, with particular attention being paid to the results of the restructuring transactions carried out by the company this year.

The forecast is that the resulting cash will be sufficient to meet Ethema’s operational cash flow requirements, which will lead to the start-up of a new addiction center. In addition, Regulation A Tier II financing will be pursued in order to support new acquisitions in the future.

Shortly thereafter, on December 10, news came that Ethema had filed an 8-K form and canceled the CEO shares. This application is used as a reference for the forthcoming Scheme A application. The term sheet with Labrys was closed and the final warrants that were issued turned out to be more attractive to Ethema than initially thought. The latest warrant was 100,000,000 shares, which is a big drop from the previous 183,333,333 shares. The exercise price also shifted from $0.0015 to $0.00205.

ARIA and Ethema went a step further in december

Finally, Ethema announced the Evernia Health Center LLC (ARIA) had begun its audit of the Department of Children and Families (DCF) that same day. ARIA is known for its great success in controlling the spread of Covid-19 thanks to the use of the Covid Clear product, the use of PPE and the many tests it conducts. The audit was quickly completed, giving ARIA the full license and ability to contract with certain insurance companies, significantly increasing the number of customers. ARIA has a lot to do, because it has already received the approval of LegitScript and Google to start the process surrounding the Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.

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By Omar