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For those who are not (quite) familiar with Global Diversified Marketing Group Inc (GDMK OTC), how would you like to describe your company and its main activities to them in the best way possible?

We are a diversified group of wholly owned companies of which one of those is currently manufacturing snacks out of Italy, France, Greece and Eastern Europe under our trademarked brands, importing and marketing into USA as well as Globally.

PSN: Describe briefly your business model:

GDMK currently seeking to acquire privately held businesses in different segments of consumer goods and grow them under its public umbrella.

PSN: How well do you think you have executed on your business model :

Yes, we have as you can see delivered top line triple digit growth as well as adjusted EBITDA.

PSN: What are the short- and long-term goals of GDMK ? And what business strategy / model is being used to achieve these goals?

Current goals are to roll up companies and grow top line revenue through merger and acquisitions.

PSN: More specifically, what is currently in the pipeline of GDMK for 2021? What are the prospects you can share?

360worldsnacks.com is being marketed as a one snack stop for all international and domestic snacks. Our goal is to stock 500 SKUs by the end of the year .

PSN: How is GDMK different from its competition (as there are many other companies in the area)? In other words, what is your strength that separates COMPANY from the rest?

High Growth

PSN: Which (other) areas would you like to add to your business? And what does GDMK look for when exploring new opportunities?

GDMK looks for high growth sectors that accelerate growth

PSN: Which events has GDMK experienced since the outbreak of COVID-19? How did the pandemic effect the business and how did you deal with this?

We actually experienced stronger demand for our portfolio of products during pandemic and helped its incremental growth

PSN: What can be shared about GMDK’s financials over the last quarter and financial year? To what extent has it fulfilled the objectives and business goals?

We were still able to grow its business in 2020 even through pandemic and closures. Q1 of 2021 company generated triple digit sales growth which surpassed almost half of last year revenue in Q1 alone.

PSN: Overall, what is the current financial state of the assets, income, revenue, and possible debts?

We are well capitalized and balanced with virtually no debt moving forward to grow its business operations.

PSN: Has the company raised monies in the past 12 months and does it anticipate a raise in the near future.

Company anticipates to raise money for acquisitions and expansion.

PSN: Are you currently engaged in a debt for equity transaction?

No not at this time.

PSN How much (Percentage) of the company does management control including the board of directors?

Management owns 89%

PSN: Why did GDMK go public? What has it achieved for the company since then becoming public?

We went public to be able to use its stock as currency to acquire other companies in the space and grow via acquisitions.

PSN: For those being quite unfamiliar with this industry, what is the main incentive for a company like GDMK to make it profitable and interesting for new investors or shareholders?

High Growth and potential future acquisitions make our company very attractive at the current entry point.

PSN: Finally, is there anything that has not been discussed in this interview about GDMK that you would like to share with us?

Our company is working on putting all pieces in place in order to uplist to Nasdaq or whichever senior exchange will be more beneficial and suitable.