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Asia Broadband Inc. announced with the publishing of the Company’s 2021 first quarter financial results, a strong balance sheet with over $100 million in assets. AABB is in the highly liquid financial position to self-fund and rapidly expand its gold mining and cryptocurrency sales and exchange business segments of the Company.  With new plans to target the rapidly growing Central American Market. 

Over the last few months Asia Broadband Inc. made huge strides in its effort to create a global first gold backed crypto currency. Its Acaponeta project in Mexico is expected to have rapid development, high production with low operating costs and recently graded exceptionally well according to the geological report. 

This report revealed high-grade gold, silver and copper values from the non-targeted rock samples that were randomly collected throughout the property at the beginning of the due diligence procedures. Some of the most significant gold values were 10.4 grams per ton (g/t), 8.9 (g/t) and 6.8 (g/t).  This further expands the hope for gold backed crypto currency and with the recent rise in gold prices and crypto currencies they should be able to expand in this market. 

The news that Asia Broadband Inc. has made its AABBG Token business development in Central America a top priority with El Salvador making Bitcoin their national currency was supported by the following future moves. 

  • AABB will be targeting major Salvadoran retailers to engage in acceptance and processing agreements for customer purchases with AABBG. 
  • The creation of a Spanish version of the AABB Wallet and upcoming exchange is planned with the AABBG developer and will be initiated as soon as possible. 
  • AABB will be targeting major Salvadoran retailers to engage in acceptance and processing agreements for customer purchases with AABBG. 
  • AABB expects to open a satellite office in El Salvador in the near future to serve as the Company’s Central and South American hub for AABBG business development and marketing. 
  • The business development program is designed to afford substantial commission and discount incentives for retailers and customers to fulfill transactions with AABBG and facilitate circulation expansion. 

The Highlights of this New Crypto Currency Are: 

  1. The ability to send and receive Crypto Anonymously. 
  2. The AABB Wallet keeps your digital assets safe. 
  3. No data is collected and transactions are 100% invisible to third parties.

At this initial stage, the AABB Wallet has opened trade for purchases who want to transfer AABB Gold Tokens to other users who also have the AABB Wallet. 

This preliminary version is meant to increase token circulation and generate revenues that can support and stabilize the token price once AABBG is openly tradable on the market.

AABB Focuses on the Highly Attractive Central American Market. 

Currently more that 2 million Salvadorans living in the US send approximately $5 billion USD to El Salvador each year and this accounts for more than 20% of the country’s GDP.  Because these transactions are highly inefficient and can cost up to 50% in total fees and service charges. The use of AABB Wallet will benefit the consumers drastically saving them time and money. 

It’s easy to see how Asia Broadband Inc, is quickly becoming a major player in the fast-growing crypto currency market and how their unique take could be the wave of the future. 

Asia Broadband Proprietary Cryptocurrency Exchange Development and AABB Wallet Update

In recent times, plenty of companies have decided to move into the crypto sector in a big way and one of those is Asia Broadband Inc. The company has already launched its own cryptocurrency token; however, the more ambitious project for Asia Broadband is the development of its own cryptocurrency exchange. This morning the company is in the news after it announced that it managed to hit several milestones during the first months of working on its proprietary cryptocurrency exchange.

Back in March, the company had launched its gold-backed cryptocurrency token named AABBG and right after that, it had started working on the development of the cryptocurrency exchange. This morning the company announced that after having worked on the project for more than three months, 187,000 lines of code have been written with regards to the exchange and the AABBB wallet.

On the other hand, in excess of 65,000 lines of code have also been updated by the developers. It is a major update from the company and one that might be scrutinized closely by investors as well as experts.

However, in this regard, the more important update from the company this morning is that the exchange project is now on track to be open for testing next month. Asia Broadband believes that it can launch the crypto exchange in September 2021.

In addition to that, the Quick Exchange is going to offer certain features that can make the exchange particularly attractive for traders. For instance, it will offer traders the best available price at which they can exchange one digital currency for another. The Advanced Exchange, on the other hand, is going to allow traders to set their own buy or sell prices.

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