The CBD industry has grown at a pretty fast clip over the course of the past year or so, and many companies have come to the fore, which deserve the attention of investors. One of the more interesting companies in the CBD space is Sun Kissed Industries (OTCMKTS:SKDI), which is emerging as a major player in the marketplace of CBD based products.

At this point in time, the company is trying to generate growth through strategic mergers and acquisitions. The company believes that such a strategy could quickly establish Sun Kissed as a major operator in this fast-growing sector.

Issues Key Corporate Update

This week, the stock has been on fire and has gained as much as 30% to emerge as one of the notable gainers among CBD stocks. On Wednesday, Sun Kissed issued a crucial corporate update that could have had a significant effect on its stock. The company made an announcement for the benefit of its existing and prospective investors. The announcement was regarding the full beta launch of Sun Kissed’s Numuni Monetization Platform.

In addition to that, the company is also going to launch an online resource that is going to provide investors with important information with regards to the recent acquisitions made by Sun Kissed.

Numini Inc was one of the company’s recent acquisitions. Numuni is a monetization platform for those who are involved in gaming, digital media, and software. Another recent key acquisition made by Sun Kissed was that of Hakuna Supply/Products Group Inc. Hakuna is a CBD-based products company based out of California and is already classified as a top tier revenue-generating operation.

However, the launch of the Numuni platform and the acquisitions are not the only important pieces of news with regards to Sun Kissed. Back on June 2, the company announced that it accelerated the sales growth strategy with regards to its new acquisition Hakuna. Hakuna is now a new subsidiary for Sun Kissed, and the company has decided to raise its investment in the market as well as selling strategies that could boost revenues significantly. Sun Kissed has decided to take a dual approach to boost Hakuna’s sales growth.

On the one hand, digital stores are going to be established, and on the other hand, the physical footprint is also going to be increased through the opening of new stores across the United States. Recently, Hakuna had also announced that it had put together a strong sales team that will be in charge of charting out the physical location where the products are going to be stocked. As far as online sales are concerned, Hakuna has teamed up with ShareASell, a major affiliate sales market platform.

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By Omar