SunHydrogen Inc (OTCMKTS:HYSR), which is involved in the renewable energy space, has been in the news this week. The company is involved in the production of low-cost hydrogen fuel through the use of sunlight and water. Earlier this week on Tuesday, the company announced that the United States-based company InRedox is going to produce all the material components that SunHydrogen is going to need for GEN2 manufacturing. 


It is a significant development for SunHydrogen since Colorado-based InRedox has years of experience in this particular space. The company has developed and manufactured such materials for a range of applications over the past years. 

The reason why it is such an important deal lies in the fact that InRedox is going to be able to provide the insights that are necessary for SunHydrogen to scale up its production process. The Technology Director at SunHydrogen Dr. Joun Lee spoke about the contract with InRedox. He stated that as far as scaling up of an electrochemical anodization process is concerned, InRedox has experience going back decades. 

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Hence, InRedox will be able to provide considerable support to SunHydrogen as it tries to scale up its own processes. Scaling up a business is one of the most important targets of most companies and InRedox is expected to help SunHydrogen in that regard. 

On the other hand, it is also important to point out that earlier in March the company had started off its collaborative work with the German innovative technology company SCHMID. SunHydrogen is collaborating with SCHMID for the development of the manufacturing process platform of the GEN 2 variant. 

In the past, the two companies had also worked on a project with regards to the scaling up of GEN 2 nanoparticle technology that is meant for producing hydrogen. That project had been flagged off on March 1. It is clear to see that SunHydrogen has been making important moves in recent times and it remains to be seen how the stock performs over the coming days.

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