Sunkissed’s SFLMaven ”Famous Thursday Night Auction” is popular among jewelers, here is why

Sunkissed industries inc, SFLMaven is a company that auctions watches, gems, and jewelry on their website. As reported for the week ended 25 February their weekly revenue was almost $200,000.

 As seen on the website the company is not targeting private consumers, rather professionals like jewelers. Due to the increased demand for jewelry by millennials, the number of jewelers could also increase.

 A website like SFLMaven provides lots of opportunities for jewelers to find the right components for their pieces desired by their clients.

Millennials are buying more jewelry

For the week ended Thursday, February 25, the Company booked a total of $197,905 in gross sales, which was primarily the result of its Thursday Night Auction event. 

“Thursday’s auction was another very strong result concluding another strong week of sales for SFLMaven,” commented Joseph Ladin, CEO of SFLMaven. “We will keep interested shareholders in the loop every week going forward, so make sure to pay close attention to our social media feed. 2021 is off to a great start and we look forward to another successful ‘Famous Thursday Night Auction’ event later this week.”

Follow SFLMaven on Twitter: @sunkissinc.

The reason why the revenue is increasing can be explained by a study shown by The US Jewellery Market: Size, Trends and Forecasts (2020-2024 Edition) that millennials are buying more jewelry which could easily be explained because of the use of social media.

“Famous Thursday Night Auction”

With a quick look at the website, you will see lots of components that jewelers could use to create customized pieces. Every week on Thursday night SFLMaven is hosting auctions for the past 18 years. The increase of the demand for the jewelry on that auction doesn’t seem to target end-consumers but rather professional jewelers. 

The reason why it’s called the famous Thursday night auction is because of the following policy:

Thank you for shopping at the SFLMAVEN store! We have another fabulous selection of higher-end items with no reserves. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about the merchandise! All of our auctions end on Thursday night and we list a few extra items on Saturday nights as well.

SFLMaven is a great place for jewelers to find components for their pieces. Loads of different jewelry and spare components give the jewelers many opportunities, for example, a Rolex watch face.

In a combination of the increase of the weekly revenue, the increase of demand for jewelry by Millenials, and the increase of demand for jewelry components could turn SFLMaven into a popular auction place for people like jewelers to find their products and components. As the company has stated before they are going to release a weekly report of gross revenue and they are going to engage their shareholders and customers by social media.

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