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Premier Products Group Inc


Smart Road And Sign Technologies

UP 30% – Should You Buy !

These shares are in the spotlight once again jumping 30% before consolidating to current levels while average daily volume increased.

We feel that a BREAKOUT  above the $0.05 cent level could be the next move with the a slight resistance at $0.07 cents and a yearly high of $0.20 cents.

We urge all serious investors to place these shares on their BUY LIST. Watch for the BREAKOUT





PMPG accomplished the following in 2021:

  • 78 million shares returned to the treasury
  • Sold Valley High Mining Company the subsidiary
  • The sale of Valley High Mining Company resulted in an income Gain on extinguishment of liabilities of $ 1,160,098.
  • PMPG’s balance sheet has made a major turn around the 1st Quarter of 2021 and reduced PMPG’s liabilities by $987,423
  • Completed the Private Placement Memorandum

PMPG next goals for 2021:

  • Closing the majority interest purchase of SmartRoad™ Turtle, LLC
  • Start producing Revenue
  • Letters of Intent for multiple cities for SmartRoad™ sensors
  • Complete Proof of Concept for a major city
  • Close current negotiations with major investors

In summary and in our personal opinion, PMPG is grossly undervalued and when the Proof of Concept is completed, PMPG will be the Gateway to the SmartRoad™ industry.We are not a financial analyst and our opinions are only our opinions…..

Premier Products Group, Inc in Talks to Purchase Majority Interest in SmartRoad Turtle, LLC Joint Venture

WOODLAND HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2021 / Premier Products Group, Inc. (PMPG), (OTC PINK:PMPG) announced today that PMPG is in talks with NPI Mobile to purchase majority interest in SmartRoad™ Turtle, LLC (SRT). SRT currently have exclusive world-wide licensing rights for NPI Mobil’s 21 patents in 32 countries for two-way communications intelligent pavement road markers. SRT will become a subsidiary of PMPG when the deal is consummated.

“It is every CEO’s responsibility to organically increase shareholder value and purchasing majority interest in SRT makes sense for the company. PMPG will now be able to report all gross revenues earned around the world. The prior structure only allowed PMPG to report only net profits of the joint venture” stated, PMPG Chairman and CEO Tony Hicks.

SRT is currently working on their Proof of Concept and anticipates announcement of Proof of Concept locations soon. The Proof of Concept will change the way Ai Tech firms, Smart Cities, and the auto industry approach safety in self-driving in cities, suburbs and on the highways.

“SRT’s Super Sensors will be able to provide top-tier road safety information to the AI computer in the vehicle that the auto industry has never seen before. When you add our patented Super Sensors to the Ai in vehicles, you created a vehicle that will be able to access unlimited information miles down road, around the bend and over a bridge with optimal environmental conditions. A self-driving vehicle in our POC model will have access to information everywhere for safer autonomous driving. It is an auto manufacturer’s public responsibility to have access to the best technology available for safer roads” stated, Mr. Hicks.

About SmartRoad Turtle, LLC.

SmartRoad Turtle, LLC brings unprecedented levels of intelligence, safety, experiences and services to the transportation and affiliated industries by delivering smart road and smart cities, to counties and municipalities and the businesses they serve. This is achieved through SRT’s smart multi senor devices, software and purpose- built AI cloud-based platform solutions.

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