Last week was a very promising moment in time for Tesoro Enterprises, Inc. (OTCMKT: TSNP) after it was announced that the company will soon continue as HUMBL, Inc. Today follows the news that a pilot launch for HUMBL Studios has been officially confirmed. The strength of this concept is how it better connects the goods of small-scale business merchants worldwide with online shoppers through curated stores on HUMBL Marketplace. A development that is introduced at a very suitable time, since there are still multiple lockdowns and restrictions imposed by the governments in various parts of the world.

Less expensive and more efficient. Yes, it’s possible!

With the recognized years of experience that HUMBL has in the digital economy, customers and sellers are brought together more efficiently and effectively. With the introduction of the HUMBL® mobile application for cash-intensive regions and HUMBL Marketplace, an attempt is now being made to improve the service for merchants, with the link to worldwide online markets suddenly within reach and their network easily expanding. The HUMBL® mobile application is very interesting, because it delivers more seamless global transactions, integrating multiple currencies, payment methods and financial services in one click for its customers.

What makes HUMBL Studios a probable contribution, is that merchants on this platform have the opportunity to create a personalized online store within the HUMBL Marketplace. The additional benefit is that users can save up to 50% on listing costs, compared to competing online shopping portals.

This is what global merchants want

In the US and Europe it is clearly visible how merchants are switching en masse to online shopping portals, because they are still faced with restrictions imposed by the government. They are drastically looking for alternatives to continue offering their products and service to customers. The merchants who use the HUMBL® mobile app in brick-and-mortar stores and other public places, can now connect to plenty of online global markets thanks to the HUMBL Marketplace. Before the pandemic, this demand from merchants had also been noticed for quite some time. With that knowledge, it seems HUMBL is about to satisfy this demand to a large extent.

The pilot launch revealed that HUMBL Studios will also serve as a platform for developing HUMBL Pay web modules, faster checkout integrations, affiliate partners, and small business marketing programs.

Check out the new website here:

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By Omar