This year the coronavirus is the number one topic of conversation worldwide. While an infinite number of companies have run into problems, other entrepreneurs saw their chance and immediately responded to the problems surrounding the pandemic. One of those innovative companies is Predictiv AI, Inc. (TSX VENTURE: PAI) (OTC: INOTF) (FRANKFURT: 71TA) that introduced the ThermalPass earlier this year to several markets. It’s a terrific Fever Detection System that reads a person’s body temperature using infrared thermal sensors. The big advantage here is that the privacy of its users is taken into account by deliberately not using cameras or using anything else to establish the identity of a person.

The ThermalPass is a by the ‘Health Canada‘ approved Class 1 medical device. This is comparable to recent FDA approvals under COVID-19 conditions. Because fever is one of the most common symptoms in people infected with the coronavirus, the modern infrared medical system of the ThermalPass is very efficient and discreetly detects whether someone has symptoms that indicate a possible coronavirus infection. Many customers and experts praise the system for ensuring the privacy and anonymity of individuals. A matter that is becoming increasingly important in today’s society and which has caused the interest of North American companies in the ThermalPass to increase enormously in the last couple of months.

The ThermalPass is completely non-contact and can detect a possible coronavirus contamination in no time. Efficiency is ensured because its system is using 24 medical-grade infrared sensors, which means that the temperature can be determined very accurately. 60 people can be checked per minute thanks to the 1200 scans that the system can produce in the same time frame. A highly built-in mobile communication allows the anonymous data to be collected directly for various analyzes, making it an ideal product for businesses, health facilities, educational institutions, retail locations, events and other public and public spaces.

In addition to being impressive and easy to use, the AI of the ThermalPass is also praised for its light weight and practical size, making it easy and effortless to move it around. The detection gate can be fully assembled or disassembled in less than 10 minutes.

The conclusion so far is that the ThermalPass seems to outsmart many competitors. It safeguards the privacy and anonymity of its users, uses the latest AI technology to provide direct and accurate anonymous data for analysis and is also easy to assemble or transport. Last but not least, the price-quality ratio compared to other fever detection devices is far from disadvantageous.

In September 2020, Predictiv AI Inc. and Sigfox Canada entered into a global partnership to create a sales channel and technology integration for the ThermalPass. In addition to the technology integration, Sigfox Canada will become a global non-exclusive sales distributor and promote the ThermalPass offering to other Sigfox operators in more than 70 countries. More information about this matter is expected shortly.

Finally, the company has not made any express or implied claims that the ThermalPass can also eliminate, cure or possibly contain the coronavirus.

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By Omar