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The Now Corporation (OTCMKTS:NWPN) wants to advance the science of cannabis research with a focus on developing plant cannabinoid pharmaceuticals. The goal behind this corporate vision is to improve health and wellness. The approach is to grow into a market leader who distinguishes itself through dynamic, innovative and future-oriented activities as a development and testing company for the legalized and fast-growing cannabis industry of the United States and Canada.

Further legalization and understanding

With the help of recognized researchers from different Universities and the use of their laboratories, further research has been done on the cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis plants. The goal is to publish figures and results about the cannabis, so that more is known about the effects of CBD. Credibility must increase so that The Now Corporation’s products can ultimately be prescribed by medical professionals. In addition, the company wants the untruths to be swept off the table and advocates fair business. In the long run, this should result in FDA-approved production that should eventually be sold at any pharmacy. The long term goal that follows is to patent the compound at the molecular level, similar to Pfizer’s patent on the drug Viagra.

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Fair business is great business

On November 19, 2019, several companies were warned against marketing non-approved medicines. The Now Corporation is aware of this and advocates a scientific white paper based on studies and research results. The company wants to play a significant role in this to enable the FDA to have the information and reliable data to make concrete statements. Many existing CBD products are not safe or contain no test results. For example, it’s not known how much CBD the human body can tolerate. Little is known about the effectiveness rate when people consume these products, which can lead to poisoning. This is the area The Now Corporation wants to be located. They go beyond studying the plant. The soil, air, water and the entire cycle from genetic seed level to adult plant are studied.

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To continue, The Now Corporation uses its assets and equity interests from other companies located in the same industries such as the medical and recreational marijuana sectors. A start has already been made by realizing partnerships with for example, Transglobal Assets Inc. (OTC: TMSH) of which it owns 26% of the business. This company focuses on the production of a CBD drink and thanks to the partnership, the company is now able to validate and certify the product for its ingredients and safety. We find other partners mainly in the biotech sector, to provide the studies with the best advanced technology. Of course The Now Corporation dreams of major collaborations in the future, for example SpaceX or NASA. One ambition is to see how CBD and THC react in the space stations, what it does with zero percent gravity or by means of animal experiments.

Experience is a key to success

The CEO is proud and satisfied that The Now Corporation can call itself a listed company. After leading listed companies in the legal marijuana industry for five years and with more than thirty years of experience in advanced technology engineering for several million-dollar companies, it was time to take the plunge with The Now Corporation. By being listed on the stock exchange, the company can share shareholders and investors directly. Through this transparency, the company wants to guarantee and realize the quality of their studies with the turnover. Finally, the CEO says he is very enthusiastic about the publication of RBA Pharma Inc. and expects it to be a stimulus to The Now Corporation’s business. We’ll keep an eye on this company and monitor developments closely.

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