To visualise Anything Technologies’ progress over these last few months we will highlight three of their major milestones.

The Passage of Arizona’s Proposition 207 Law. 

In December 2020, Anything Technologies Media (ATM) announced that the passing of Cannabis for recreational use has finally come to Arizona following the overwhelming passage of Arizona’s Proposition 207 – the measure that legalizes recreational use of cannabis throughout the state. This passage of 207 along with the President Joe Biden’s promise to decriminalize cannabis on a federal level opening the pathway for ATM to become a major player in the Cannabis marketplace and the company believes that this coming year is shaping up to be one of its best. 

Sonoran Flower LLC., a subsidiary of ATM wins the Arizona Dispensary License Lottery! 

Then in April 2021 this incredible news came out.  Sonoran Flower LLC had won the Arizona Dispensary License lottery for Greenlee County valued at tens of millions of dollars. It was the biggest event in the history of the company and gave ATM the ability to expand its operations to include a dispensary, in-door grow, offsite grow, and an infused kitchen. The license gave the company a dispensary, indoor grow, offsite grow and kitchen for production of a wide range of edibles.  

The huge expansion of their new indoor cultivation facility in Globe, Arizona. 

This June, ATM announced they received $500,000 in financing and Sonoran Flower had closed escrow on their new 43,000 SF facility in Globe, AZ. This facility has room for a very large indoor cultivation facility and kitchen for production of a wide range of edibles.  Lee Katterman, President of Sonoran Flower stated.  

“We are so pleased to be able to own this facility that is closer to the major Phoenix market. This is a perfect facility to expand operations for the distant future. Our main focus will be on wholesale distribution statewide to the 142 plus dispensaries in Arizona,”

This news was in addition to the announcement that Sonoran Flower had secured another building for their dispensary. This building is 12,000 SF and sits on over 2 acres. It will enable the company to have a dispensary and additional cultivation in the same location. Sonoran Flower still has its 15,000 SF facility outside of Tucson. 

Sonoran Flower offers several great CBD products through its retail outlets online.  These include:

  • Cooking Oil Concentrate 
  • Broad Spectrum Gel Caps 
  • Broad Spectrum Gummies 
  • Muscle Relief Cream 
  • Topical Skin Cream 
  • Topical Salve, Hemp Seeds 
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Oil  
  • Premium Hemp Flower Bubba Kush.  

They even offer a selection of pet products utilizing CBD and Hemp. Their unique approach is sure to do well in the fast-growing Arizona CBD market. 

This year is on track to be the biggest in ATM’s history thanks to their aggressive expansion of production facilities and the incredible luck of winning the Arizona Dispensary Lottery! 

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