The Covid-19 vaccine candidate of Pfizer ($PFE) will soon protects young and old, if we have to believe the latest report. It’s seen as evident from the long-awaited details of the world’s first corona vaccine that passed all tests. The vaccine from Pfizer and the German company BioNTech ($BNTX) seems to become an important part of our world history.

These numbers are impressive

This takes away all sorts of catches that policymakers have held their heart for in earlier stages. The vaccine also protects risk groups, such as people with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity or heart disease. In addition, it works just as well in the elderly as in the young: 95% protection for people between the ages of 16 and 55 and 94% protection for people over 55.

With such report figures the vaccine is ready for urgent approval by the FDA on Thursday, according to a report that the service released Tuesday. The vaccine offers “a favorable safety profile“, the FDA notes in its independent review of the vaccine. Experts outside the assessment also agree. “This is what a 10-year report card for a vaccine looks like,” Yale University immunologist Akiko Iwasaki told American journalists.

Is the Bell’s facial palsy a coincedence?

Vaccinees will be monitored in all kinds of ways for a long time, in case side effects come to light that are too rare to be detected. The most suspicious occurrence under the vaccinees is that 4 people developed the Bell’s facial palsy. A usually curable paralysis in which the corner of the mouth and eyelid hang. But four cases are so little that it could also be a coincidence, the FDA said.

In recent months, Pfizer has tested the vaccine on a total of 22,000 people, plus another 22,000 who received a ‘test’ injection. In the placebo group, 162 people received Covid-19. In the vaccinated group, there were only 8. In one of the partial analyzes with more participants, that number grew to 169 at 9, or an efficacy between 89.9% and 97.3%, according to the government calculators.

A positive outcome is that after one dose you are already well protected. Still, the vaccine consists out of two injections, with 21 days in between. The vaccine was found to offer 55% of protection with the first dose only.

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By Omar