Las Vegas, Nevada and Carlsbad, California–(News file Corp. – April 7, 2021) – Suntex Enterprises, Inc. (OTC Pink: SNTX)

Pumped Fitness CBD is a water-based product that contains ingredients to create a powerful vitamin blend. It is not a run-of-the-mill water-based sports drink; instead it is infused with natural CBD. CBD has turned into a major growth driver in the growing marijuana market. The product has a stylish and modern label that exudes quality.

Suntex’s Key Business and Objectives

Suntex is developing flavored versions of the product with the intention of expanding the product’s footpring. The objective is to establish a fully functional beverage line. At this point, Suntex is working towards increasing its production capabilities massively. Suntex and Budding Botanicals Along with Pumped Fitness CBD, Homestead Body Works, and its product line, Budding Botanicals is also gaining market share.

Budding botanicals is a pioneer in the CBD Oil space. The company produces  various CBD products that are ment for people with certain disorders or conditions that can be managed through CBD.

Exclusive interview with Suntex Enterprises

In addition to Texas, Budding Botanicals has a strong presence in California. This acquisition has already proven to be rewarding for Suntex Enterprises shareholders. The online retail businss is growing exceptionally fast. In the long term, it is expected to equate to higher revenues andlarger profit margin.

When will the new division of Suntex Enterprises be announced?

After finalizing the acquisition, the public will be introduced to the new division in May 2021. Multiple discussions have taken place  for Suntex to acquire a cosmetic-based CBD company after the acquisition is completed. At the moment, Suntex is constructing financial disclosure documents for Q1 2021. The rise in the revenues and value for the shareholders will be known at some point before May 15, 2021.

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