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Therapeutic Solutions International Inc (OTCMKTS:TSOI), which is engaged in immune modulation solutions meant for treating specific conditions, made a major announcement on March 22. The company made an announcement with regards to the new data with regards to its product StemVacs-V iPSC. It is a product that has been derived from dendritic cells and in the data, the product displayed two specific immunological mechanisms that could be necessary for anti-cancer activity.


The study in question had been conducted on animals. It is a significant development for the company and points to the promising possibilities of the company’s product. 

The Chief Product Officer of the company Dr. James Veltmeyer stated that it is important for the product to not only show reproducible efficacy but also distinct mechanisms as Therapeutic Solutions inches towards an FDA filing. He went on to state that the company is particularly excited with regards to the dual mechanism that was demonstrated by StemVacs-V.

It suggests that the product could actually prove to be advantageous when it comes to other forms of cancer therapies. Timothy Dixon, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Therapeutic solutions, stated that the product shows the capabilities of being immunotherapy that could have significant competitive advantages. 

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It can be produced in massive quantities easily and can be tweaked to treat specific symptoms of different types of cancers. He added that StemVacs-V also seems to be not only considerably potent but is also safe. 

Earlier in the month, the company got another boost after Therapeutic Solutions was awarded the necessary approvals by way of which it would be able to sell its dietary supplements on the RangeMe platform. RangeMe operates a business-to-business platform and the approval marks a significant development for Therapeutic Solutions. 

More than 10,000 retail buyers are available on the platform and hence, it is going to expose the company’s dietary supplements to a significantly large pool of customers.

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