Today Therapeutics Solutions ($TSOI) announced a publication from the University of Miami stating that the licensed stem cell JadiCell™, when administered intravenously, results in significant survival improvement in patients with COVID-19. An important statement that is based on the results of a double-blind FDA clinical study.

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How effective is JadiCell™?

The Phase 1/2 study treated 12 advanced COVID-19 patients with a dose of 100 million JadiCells™ on the first and third day while 12 other patients received a placebo treatment. The result after 28 days is very remarkable since 91% of patients on a JadiCell™ treatment survived compared to 42% of patients on placebo. A risk factor could have been the safety of the patients using JadiCell™, but again no adverse effects related to the stem cell were observed.

What characterizes JadiCell™ is that it is described as a supercharged mesenchymal stem cell that has outstanding therapeutic activity. In addition to Therapeutics Solutions itself, this is also recognized by independent academic and private institutions. The company is further investigating the inflammatory processes associated with COVID-19.

An established and unique medical position

Why Therapeutics Solutions is different than most of the competition, is its high concentration on both developing cellular therapies and conducting clinical nutraceutical approaches to COVID-19 simultaneously. By working closely with the University of Miami, the company is convinced that it can greatly accelerate the development of JadiCell™. It is proud that several recognized doctors have implemented the new use of JadiCell™ to fulfill the medical need surrounding COVID-19.

The scientific team is preparing the Investigational New Drug (IND) for utilizing the clinical stage mesenchymal stem cell JadiCell™ to treat chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Recent findings proved that mesenchymal stem cells like JadiCell™ can suppress endothelial cell abnormalities associated with brain injury. With this discovery Therapeutics Solutions knows a very strong monopoly-like position for treating this condition in a multidisciplinary manner.

It is more than a year ago (July 2019) since Therapeutics Solutionss received its exclusive license to use JadiCell™ in the treatment of CTE and brain injuries.

The pipeline of Therapeutics Solutions looks promising

The findings from the University of Miami report come at an excellent time, given that Therapeutics Solutions filed a patent application yesterday for new findings showing that the integrity of the blood-brain barrier improves after traumatic brain injury. Thanks to a series of laboratory studies, mesenchymal stem cells have been shown to produce therapeutic factors that block the opening of cerebral blood vessels after trauma to the brain. With this, the company says it has discovered a therapeutic window for the treatment of multiple types of brain injuries.

A week ago, Therapeutics Solutions announced that the administration of the patented NanoStilbene™ showed a superior reduction of neurological damage in the Experimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis (EAE) model of multiple sclerosis. NanoStilbene™ can be simply described as a nanotechnology based formulation of pterostilbene.

It is an important finding, because the technology shows an improvement over Copaxone™, which is said to be one of the most effective and widely used FDA-approved treatments for multiple sclerosis till this day.

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