For those who are looking for stocks that can be a coronavirus play, TPT Global Tech Inc (OTCMKTS:TPTW) stock could prove to be a viable option. On Wednesday, the stock soared by as much as 44% after the company made a major announcement with regards to two of its products.

Recent News

Considering the gains made by the stock on Wednesday, it could be worthwhile for investors to take a closer look at the recent events that triggered it. Yesterday, the company announced that CBD Channel 8 Local News is going to feature its products SaniQuik and TPT MedTech’s Mobile Covid-19 Turnkey Rapid Test Lab “QuikLAB”. It is a major development for the company since it will give its products a lot of publicity and that could eventually lead to more sales.

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The products in question are going to be featured in the show named ‘Zevely Zone’ and there are going to be two repeat telecasts as well. In this regard, it is necessary to point out that the host of the show Jeff Zevely actually visited TPT Global’s manufacturing facility located in Chula Vista, California back on July 30. Zevely was also provided with a guided tour of the company’s self-contained, portable drive through QuikLAB coronavirus testing and monitoring lab.

The management team who took Zevely on the guided tour included the Chief Executive Officer Stephen Thomas, the executive vice president Rick Eberhardt and the Chief Executive Officer of the Aire Fitness division Mario Scade. Thomas stated that the visit from CBS and the show will give TPT Global’s products a big boost in its distribution efforts. Investors could consider keeping an eye on the stock over the coming days.

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However, that is not the only positive development for the company in recent times. Earlier this week, the TPT Global announced that its rapid test ‘QuikLAB’ has been given the approval to start operations by Miami Dade County Zoning in Miami, Florida. It is another boost for the company considering the huge demand for tests in the city of Miami after it recorded a large number of coronavirus cases in recent months.

Stephen Thomas thanked the TPT Global team which worked on the whole project and went on to state that once the zoning issues are completed, the company is looking forward to starting its operations in Miami. In addition to that, back in July, the Southern Plains Oil Corp signed a merger agreement with TPT Global Tech and with one of its subsidiaries named InnovaQor.

Once the merger agreement closes, InnovaQor will also be able to trade on the OTC exchange. It is another important step for TPT Global and one that could unlock more value for its shareholders.

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