In recent times, TransGlobal Assets Inc (OTCMKTS:TMSH) has emerged as a notable player in the hemp and hemp-based CBD space. A large part of the company’s business model is centered on the Hemp Ranch, which is self-sustaining in nature. 

The company owns a range of such ranches and TransGlobal plans to make each individual hemp ranch vertically integrated. It is a novel business model and one that requires further study. 


 TransGlobal is aiming to ensure that all the raw products are produced and processed at the Hemp Ranch and then sold to customers through its fully owned subsidiary company Monster Elixir. 

In this regard, it should also be pointed out that Monster Elixir also owns some important brands. One of those is Green Essence Beverages, which is well known for a CBD-based lemonade and the other is the CBD-based hair care products range Crown Care. 

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 There has been no news about the company this month as far but back on March 31, the Chief Executive Officer of TransGlobal provided key updates to the company’s shareholders through a letter. The CEO noted that TransGlobal is now current with the OTC Markets Group and also pointed out that the accomplishment proved to be difficult since a lot of information was not easily available. 

However, there were more important operational updates that might be more crucial for potential investors. The letter stated that the company is now looking to start distributing the CBD products sold under the Morning Elixir brand to retail outlets across the United States. In addition to that, the letter also pointed out that the company is also looking to establish a number of Morning Elixir storefront locations. 

TransGlobal Assets is also going to break ground on the strategically important Hemp Ranch later on this year. The site for the Hemp Ranch is located in a property that spans over an area of 60 acres in South Haven. 

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