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DigiCrypts Blockchain Solutions or Digimax (CSE: DIGI) is a Canadian tech company focused on the development and creation of application software and digital security. A specialization of DIGI is helping and supporting cryptocurrency companies nationally and internationally. Together with its subsidiaries, the company offers advisory services for a suitable business plan for companies interested in issuing a Security Token Offering (STO). In addition to supporting a business plan and publishing an STO, DIGI is also known from two other specializations. Currently, DIGI creates an application for specific crypto mining machines in the province of Quebec and offers assistance in setting up a cryptocurrency.

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What’s in the DIGI-pipeline?

DIGI has achieved several important milestones in the past quarter. Following the August 17, 2020 announcement of a proposed equity financing, on September 30, 2020, it closed a second tranche of subscriptions totaling $655,000, representing 13,100,000 shares. Including the first tranche announced on September 9, 2020, DIGI raised $1,210,000 through the issue of a total of 24,200,000 shares.

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Why DataNavee Corporation is important

The second installment followed shortly after the announcement of the acquisition of artificial intelligence company DataNavee Corporation. Under the terms of the share purchase and exchange agreement, the company has issued 55,000,000 common shares of DIGI in exchange for 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of DataNavee. The business partner has thus become a fully owned subsidiary of DIGI. The fee shares are subject to contractual retention periods, making them transferable in four tranches. This is broken down as follows: 25% immediately, 25% four months after the date, 25% eight months after the date and 25% twelve months after the date – where ‘the date’ referred to represents the day of the completion of the agreement.

The reason for this agreement is the potential that DIGI sees in the technology development of Datanavee. The company models a self-service platform for organizations by making business predictions in an efficient and cost-effective way. This is thanks to DataNavee-technology, which is based on a SaaS-model (Predictive Analytics as a Service), which allows customers to upload their own data sets as input to the predictive software and provide customized reports. This pursues the ability to quickly obtain big data in real time and perform the necessary functions on that data, to make it useful to businesses. In addition to the substantial reduction in current costs, data scientists and financial professionals now seem redundant. The focus of this platform is currently on: retail, healthcare and financial services.

It is interesting to note that DataNavee and DIGI are also in talks to partner with two other companies. The goal here is to apply their technologies to an existing customer base, resulting in the start of revenues before the end of 2020.

The goal to become a market leader

In a business update from October 2019 it becomes clear that DIGI has serious plans to become an international market leader in digital security. Apart from the development of the digital securities market, the company is also aware that it must realize growth opportunities. As a result, it has entered into multiple financing agreements with various clients with financing needs, realized new bankers in Canada, United States and United Kingdom and ensured that issuers who have engaged DIGI have steadily increased. In addition, DIGI has started collaborating through EU collaboration partners to launch its own STO in Europe, based on an earnable share of European revenues. The objective is to raise capital in exchange for part of the income earned through the EU. DIGI also wants to enable the same partners to use the previously developed digital securities advertising app FlyerDrop through third-party lease contracts. Next to Europe, DIGI is also expanding in North America by developing a digital security launch pad in partnership with white-label platform provider KoreConx.

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