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These shares are at the forefront of technology . Advanced techniques in spinal injection placement will revolutionize spinal tap procedures avoiding deadly mistakes Epidural Proves Deadly In NY Hospital – Milestone Scientific Has Solution . Maxim Group  $4.00 Target –

These shares have consolidated recently and presently rebounding towards its $3.04 52 week high. . The company currently has over $14 million in cash and is projecting a large Q3 increase in revenues. All serious investors must place these shares on their BUY LIST immediately

Milestone Scientific Inc. ($MLSS) researches and develops medical devices that patents innovative injection technology. Milestone specializes in dynamic pressure detection, which helps medics to know the pressure at the tip of a needle. Thanks to the company’s computer-controlled systems, injections are accurate, efficient and virtually painless. Milestone is also working on computer-controlled drug delivery systems that provide significant improvements in patient efficiency and comfort, in both medical and dental fields.

How revolutionary is the Wand product?

Milestone’s successful product is the revolutionary Wand Computer Assisted Anesthesia System, which makes an injection at the dentist a much more comfortable experience. The reason for this is the Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA), which eliminates collateral numbness. Another reason what makes this product so special is that it also offers advantages in creating a safe environment for patients and staff. This is due to the use of sterile disposable disposables and the fact that dental surgery can start in 1 minute after administration of the injection.

Sales of this product are increasing significantly. Milestone therefore expects revenue in the third quarter of 2020 to be at least four times higher than the results of the previous quarter. The company expects further improvements to the sales and business of Wand products in 2021.

What makes Milestone products like the Wand so innovative, is the Dynamic Pressure Sensing Technology (DPS), a patented technology platform that helps advance the development of medical devices and products. With this technology, flow rate can be controlled and pressure can be monitored from the tip of the needle.

The profitable CompuFlo Epidural System

In terms of innovation and medical solutions, the company has its CompuFlo Epidural Instrument for epidural injections. It is characterized by having 99 percent success in locating the epidural space on a first attempt. This is unbeatable with manual injection, because the process is too complicated and time-consuming. Milestone is convinced that the epidural instrument will become the new standard of care in the medical sector. The sales and marketing initiatives of the CompuFlo Epidural System are developing positively. Additional anesthesiologists have been added using the Milestone instrument and several large hospitals have recognized the CompuFlo Epidural System.

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Milestone has also launched a Compuflo training product to help medical students manage epidural attacks. The company’s CompuFlo intra-articular device has proven successful in delivering medicaments into the intra-articular space.

A healthy investment after the COVID-19 pandemic?

As of September 30, Milestone had more than $14 million in cash. Meanwhile, the dental sector’s gross margins have remained stable in the high range of 60 percent. The company assures shareholders that it will continue to monitor costs closely and that proper inventory levels have been maintained. As a result, the company noticed that sufficient supplies are available as dental practices are slowly resuming their daily routine. Given the increase in dental sales, – which is generating a significant margin – the third quarter figures are better than initially hoped.

Milestone currently has no plans to raise more capital and knows a strong cash runway to support the accelerated marketing activity as the market improves. Another source of income is the recurring sales of Milestone disposables. The company has launched a series of ‘back to work’-promotions of the Wand and disposables to boost distributors and dentists in the ‘upcoming’ transition period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, the negative effect of the pandemic on dental sales can be felt, but fortunately also the upward trend is now clearly visible. Dental offices in the United States and other parts of the world are back up and running, as evidenced by the increase in orders. The dental industry has proven to be quite resilient, which characterizes the loyalty of current users and drives the positive long-term outlook for Milestone. In addition, the company has devoted the necessary attention to the sales and marketing activities, which should stimulate the sale of the dental instruments. The forecast is: the more the market recovers, the more this should help drive incremental, recurring sales of high margin handpieces.

Milestone recently told investors that it will advance sales efforts around its CompuFlo Epidural System and CathCheck technology. The company expects an end to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and will explore the potential for future products in the cosmetic surgery, ophthalmology and neurosurgery sectors.

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