AMSTERDAM / PENNYSTOCKS.NEWS / 15 Februar, 2022 /Marketing Worldwide Corporation, (OTC PINK:MWWC) / : Marketing WorldWide Corporation declared on their twitter account that they would buy their own shares back and deployed their token called: $MNS #Minosis BEP20 token on Testnet. But what is so interesting about their Token and why would a company buy it’s own shares back?

Marketing Worldwide Corporation Deploys $MNS Token on Testnet

Marketing Worldwide Corporation (‘MWWC’), is pleased to announce that the $MNS token has been successfully deployed on the Testnet late last week as confirmed by our developing partners at BlockchainX ( $MNS is a BEP20 token, which is the standard for creating tokens on BSC, or using Binance Smart Chain development. The Company chose this platform because of the advantages BSC offers; such as:

– BSC is EVM Compatible (Switch from Ethereum to Binance seamlessly)
– The Ecosystem is aggressively Expanding
– Low Transaction Fees
– High speed performance for mass adoption
– AND… Borderless DeFi (allows bridging and cross-chain conversions)

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Reasons to buy this token?

Circulating Supply = 1 Trillion Tokens
– 1 % Burn:
BURN – a percentage of every token transaction (buy or sell) is burned by – being sent automatically to a dead wallet address, and can typically be found on the bscscan token page under “holders”; hence reducing the circulating supply continuously.
1% Reflections:
REFLECTIONS – a percentage of every token transaction (buy or sell) is sent as a reward to loyal token holders. This encourages long term investing and token stability as people will see their token count go up over time; increasing the value of their portfolio.

“The $MNS pre-sale will allow large and small investors alike an equal opportunity to purchase tokens, and we are actively working with the BlockchainX development team to put ‘anti-bot’ and ‘anti-whale’ safeguards into place to protect the integrity of the launch” stated CEO Jason Schlenk. He continued, “We expect that a successful pre-sale can produce as much as $500,000 in liquidity for the token, which will be locked for a period of 1 year; essentially protecting investors ability to buy and sell the token without being *’honeypotted’.”


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Reasons for Share Buyback:

So, why does a company buy back shares? What are the reasons for buyback of shares? One needs to understand the benefits for the shareholders and for the company in question. The key question is about the share buyback benefits for shareholders.

– 1. Lots of cash but few projects to invest in

– 2. Buybacks are a more tax-effective means of rewarding shareholders

– 3. Theoretically buybacks tend to improve valuations of companies

– 4. Company can signal that the stock is undervalued

– 5. Returns cash to the shareholders of the company

Most important reason, when a company wants to buy back it’s own shares, it has to announce it by law that they are doing it. We believe Marketing Worldwide Corporation has enough faith and cash in the company that they want not only increase their own % in the company, but also show a sign of trust towards their shareholders that what they own, is now undervalued and should be higher priced then what it is right now.

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