Therma Bright CEO Interview – Saliva Covid Testing

It was announced earlier this month and now the time has come, thanks to XpresSpa Group, Inc. ($XSPA) and Marketplace, Logan International Airport starts today with offering three different types of COVID-19 tests. The Health and Wellness company saw its business change this year with the arrival of the pandemic and responded quickly by building COVID-19 test facilities at major international airports. The Boston airport has now been added successfully. Something that has been picked up quite well on the stock market, as the share of XpresSpa rose with 9% today in the premarket.

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Logan International Airport becoming COVID-19 proof

Initially it was expected that the test center in Boston would be fully operational by November. Thanks to a lot of perseverance, it is possible that all arriving and departing passengers can have themselves tested immediately today. Airport employees can also use the facilities, as is already happening at JFK and Newark. XpresSpa intends to continue XpresCheck’s national expansion by focusing on active discussions with other airports and further expanding the business concept.

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The modularly constructed test facility counts seven separate test units with the option of conducting more than 400 tests per day. Customers can choose out of three different tests:

– The COVID-19 Rapid Molecular Test for $200

– The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test for $75

– The Blood Antibody Test for $75

Customers can submit insurance claims for the PCR test and Blood Antibody Test, but not the Rapid Molecular Test. Employees at Logan International Airport and those of all airlines are eligible for a 20% discount.

Testing other viruses and diseases for future business

More positive news came earlier this week when XpresSpa announced that it is expanding its COVID-19 testing service by including tests for the influenza, mononucleosis and strep throat infection. In the post-coronavirus era, the company wants to be sure that this growing business can continue, seeking for more big potential. The pandemic has helped many people to understand the importance of public health and that a disease can be quickly and easily transmitted when travelling. It is therefore a very interesting concept of XpresSpa to be able to test the passengers of various international airports for several viruses and diseases in the near future.

Under the XpresCheck brand, the company also offers this season’s 2020/21 flu vaccine as well as a quadrivalent high-dose flu vaccine that is recommended for seniors. In doing so, it tries to appeal to the widest possible audience at the airports. Once the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will approve the COVID-19 vaccine and its availability, XpresCheck’s medical staff of state licensed physicians and nurses hope to be able to administer it to more travellers and airport employees.

Covid-19 update on the website of XpresSpa

The latest notification on the website of XpresSpa mentioning that the airport locations are temporarily closed refer to the activities of the health and wellness centers before the pandemic. This has no relation to their current COVID-19 test facilities.

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